AGC offers the best genetic package in the industry.

Alliance Genetics’ products and services consistently deliver the highest genetic gains in the swine business, thanks to our purebred nucleus – the largest in Canada. We supply 40% of the commercial hog market in Ontario with genetics – the largest market share of any company. AGC’s outstanding longevity and low mortality rates along with other key traits mean our top maternal and terminal lines deliver more kilograms of pork per tonne of feed each year.

We stand behind our genetics, guaranteed.

Maternal Products

Alliance Genetics Canada’s leading maternal genetics deliver traits that result in more kilograms of pork per tonne of feed each year that contribute to a better bottom line for you, our customer. By using AGC maternal genetics you will see increased piglet survival, number weaned, uniformity and weaning weights.

Terminal Products

Alliance Genetics Canada Terminal genetics consistently deliver traits that improve the bottom line for pork producers. Our diverse terminal lines allow our customers to choose the one that best meets their packer needs.

The AGC Meat Maker line are sires that are specially selected to produce progeny that are vigorous, heavily muscled and feed efficient with big loins.

The AGC Feed Saver line delivers progeny that are lean, fast growing and feed efficient.

AGC Gridmax is our Pietrain-Duroc cross line that has been selected for extreme amounts of muscle and large loins. The AGC Gridmax line combines the extra high proportion of lean to fat ratio and the excellent feed conversion rates of the Pietrain with the Duroc’s superior meat quality and growth traits.


How is your herd comparing? All customers are using the same AGC genetics, however some see different results; the differences are in production and managmenet. Because AGC can see what other producers are doing, we can see where herds fit in and potentially find areas to improve their production.

AGC offers a benchmarking service where we enter customers’ production data into a database for different areas of production. This allows AGC to show customers where they already excel or could make improvements. Using the data, AGC staff will work with our customers to ensure AGC genetics perform optimally in their herd.

Ask AGC today about our AGC Optimization Program to maximize the genetic potential of AGC Genetics and put more money in your pocket.

Training & Consulting

Are you in need of training, advice or consulting? Alliance Genetics Canada is accredited to provide training with the Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement program eFarm as well as scanning pigs. We can also provide breeding techniques including using frozen semen.

If you are in Ontario, AGC representatives can visit your farm and work directly with you there. For visitors to Canada, we have facilities where people can live and train.

AGC prides ourselves by working with our customers to ensure they’re completely comfortable.

Contact us for more information regarding our Products and Services.

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